David McCandless: Data is Beautiful – Harnessing the power of visualisation

The G-Research Lecture series returned with an exciting lecture by Data Journalist and Information Designer, David McCandless.

Hosted at the IMAX theatre in London’s Science Museum, David will be taking us on a journey exploring how visualised information can help us comprehend, navigate and find meaning in a complex world.

David McCandless is a titan in data visualisation. And with The Science Museum’s immersive IMAX screen, we saw the vastness of billions of dollars, examined the medical veracity of “superfoods” and argued the most controversial question of all – what is the best dog breed? (All backed with data!)

With beautiful colours, composition and storytelling, McCandless’ approach to data visualisation invited the audience to engage with the world around us. Like a bakery window with glossy cakes, we were drawn into his combined results of data, design and story. He demonstrated data visualisation’s power and captivated a theatre packed with data experts (a challenge in itself!). By inviting us to weigh in on questions about what is more popular on Google: Beer vs Wine, Cornflakes vs Toast, Youtube vs Sex (the answer may surprise you), McCandless also demonstrated that data visualization brings conversations and taught us to be more inquisitive about our data – to move beyond information and into knowledge.

Unsurprisingly, the topic of fake news was raised during the Q&A period  – how can we spot fake news? As a journalist, ad man, designer, and developer, McCandless reminded us that “it’s tough to spot and trusting your source is key. Data Visualisation is powerful – use it wisely.”


Watch the full video:


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