The G-Research 2019 London Riichi Open


A MERS certified 2 day Riichi Mahjong tournament, sponsored by G-Research.

Taking place December 7th-8th at our Central London headquarters.

The first prize will be a place at the World Riichi Championship 2020!

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An 8 round, round-robin style tournament using EMA Riichi Competition Rules. It will be spread over two days with 5 hanchan on Saturday 7th December and the remaining 3 hanchan on Sunday 8th December.

Player numbers will be chosen randomly before the event and player rotations will be calculated to minimise the likelihood of playing the same opponent multiple times.

A yaku and scoring reference sheet will be available at all tables.


Whittington House
19-30 Alfred Place

The closest London Underground Station is Goodge Street, with Warren Street, Tottenham Court Road and Euston Square within easy walking distance. We are also served by a number of buses and are fairly close to Euston Station for national rail services.


The first prize will be a place at the World Riichi Championship 2020!

There will also be additional prizes for second and third place, including a trophy.

Read more about the World Riichi Championship here.

Sponsor: G-Research

G-Research is a leading quantitative research and technology company. By using the latest scientific techniques, we produce world-beating predictive research and build advanced technology to analyse the world’s data.

There is also a lively social side to G-Research with many team events and company-wide celebrations. This includes a large Mahjong group, with play most lunchtimes and frequent sponsored after work events. We are even soon to have our own automatic Mahjong table!

Sound Interesting?

Join us and you’ll explore complex challenges with some of the world’s smartest people in an open and informal environment. We are all working towards achieving our long-term goal: human ingenuity limited only by the speed of thought.


Entry is set at £30 GBP. Breakfast, lunch, drinks and snacks will be provided on both days.

The proceeds from this fee will go towards sponsorship of the UKMA

While this is an open event we ask players to keep to a tournament-level standard of play, and ensure all rules and penalties are enforced. There will be at least one EMA-certified non-player referee.

To be eligible to participate you must be familiar with the EMA Riichi Competition Rules and be capable of playing unaided. You will be asked to self certify your ability to play when registering.


Saturday December 7th

08:30 Breakfast
09:00 Registration
09:30 Announcements
09:40 Hanchan 1
11:30 Hanchan 2
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Hanchan 3
16:20 Hanchan 4
18:10 Hanchan 5
19:40 End of Day 1

Sunday December 8th

08:30 Breakfast
09:10 Hanchan 6
11:00 Hanchan 7
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Hanchan 8
15:50 Prizes
16:00 Closing Ceremony


For any enquiries related to the tournament please contact a member of our team at

To register, please send an application using this Google Form.

Please note that your application will be noted as provisional until payment is received.

The event has a planned size of 48 players. If there is sufficient interest, we may be able to open additional places, venue permitting.

Closer to the event, applications will be held in a wait-list and only processed in groups of four.


Name EMA Number Country Status
1 Axel Eschenburg 05100090 Germany Provisional
2 Victoria Lopez Morales 11990124 United Kingdom Confirmed
3 Karolina Trepinska 04300022 France Provisional
4 Benedetta Tesi 07000023 Italy Confirmed
5 Maria Chapman 11990109 United Kingdom Confirmed
6 Joaquin Derrac Rus 10990076 Spain Provisional
7 Anthony Ea 04040105 France Confirmed
8 Ian Fraser 11990005 United Kingdom Confirmed
9 Alexey Belovs 11990099 United Kingdom Provisional
10 Olga Igarashi 19000087 Poland Provisional
11 Timur Hahn 05100153 Germany Provisional
12 Duy Le 11990123 United Kingdom Provisional
13 Peter Langford 11990004 United Kingdom Confirmed
14 Luna Fountain United Kingdom Confirmed
15 Niklas Johansson 09990110 Sweden Confirmed
16 Russell Chan 11990100 United Kingdom Confirmed
17 Valentin Courtois 04310012 France Provisional
18 Mark Jenking-Rees 11990115 United Kingdom Provisional
19 H John Duckworth 11990016 United Kingdom Confirmed
20 Shaun Drury 11990059 United Kingdom Provisional
21 Sam Kiessler United Kingdom Provisional
22 Daniele Cesarini 07000145 Italy Confirmed
23 Jason He 11990093 United Kingdom Confirmed
24 Hong Li 11990086 United Kingdom Confirmed
25 Benjamin Savoy United Kingdom Confirmed
26 Joshua Banister United Kingdom Confirmed
27 Christopher Endicott 11990060 United Kingdom Confirmed
28 David Clarke 11990047 United Kingdom Provisional
29 Sonia Yagi 11990081 United Kingdom Confirmed
30 Foppe Bakker 08010580 The Netherlands Provisional
31 He Ziyu China Confirmed
32 Miłosz Meller 19000077 Poland Provisional
33 Taylor Heffernan United States Confirmed
34 Nick Rhoades United States Provisional
35 Marco Montebelli 07000018 Italy Provisional
36 Simon Picard France Provisional
37 Seiko Hayase France Provisional
38 Edwin Dizon United States Provisional
39 Tony Haley 11990017 United Kingdom Confirmed
40 Bryan Manchez 04320013 France Provisional
41 Lena Weinguny 01000053 Austria Provisional
42 Alasdair McBride United Kingdom Provisional


Name EMA Number Country
Gemma Sakamoto 11990006 United Kingdom


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