Software Engineering

Working closely with our end-users, we use agile techniques to build the big data analytics and forecasting technology used to predict prices in highly competitive financial markets.

Inspirational Community

We have a collaborative community of specialist Engineers from a wide range of backgrounds. Everyone here shares a passion for technology and works at the forefront of software development, always learning new ways to improve our software, approach and our skillset.

Cutting-edge Technology

Everyone is given the freedom to find new solutions, either by developing them in-house or using the latest technology and approaches. We have access to unrivalled resources to invest in top-end hardware and leading edge solutions.

Collaborative Community

Working in functional teams creates the unique opportunity to see the software we have built in action and to gain rapid feedback from our very demanding users. Our teams are drawn from a range of disciplines based on individual project and business needs.

Team Profiles



“Above all, I love the technical excellence and the collaborative atmosphere of G-Research. That’s why I chose to come back as a full-time engineer.”

After completing a two-year technical degree in France, I obtained my MEng Computing in 2016 from Imperial College. As part of my degree, I was required to do an industrial placement. I had interviews with several companies, but G-Research really stood out. Every single person that I spoke to came across in a personable and intelligent way. This internship gave me the rich experience I was looking for as I learned a lot from working full stack and being given meaningful projects.



“I worked as a Software Engineer for about five years. Now I manage a team of 15 people.”

I have been at G-Research for over ten years, having joined after obtaining my PhD in Theoretical Computer Science from Imperial College. I had done a few internships at some big investment banks and wanted to work for a company that was different from the large multinationals. I really enjoy working as a manager as I still occasionally get to be involved with the technical aspects of development.



“The work has been challenging at times but very satisfying”

After finishing High School in Romania I moved to London and started my degree at Imperial College, where I studied the MEng Joint Mathematics and Computer Science course. I had heard that G-Research hired excellent people and had a healthy company culture, and I was pleased to confirm this. A big plus is that people here are easy going and a pleasure to work with.



“With an emphasis on quality, a refreshing lack of politics and a wealth of interesting and hard problems, G-Research is an excellent place to be writing code.”

After studying Computer Science at Cambridge I worked with video and telephony tech at a couple of startups. I’m now the tech lead for a team whose mission is to  create cutting-edge tools, libraries and systems for our colleagues. I must say that after more than seven years at G-Research, the calibre of the people is still one of the best things about working here.

What We Look For

Ideal candidates will be able to quickly adapt to new technologies and are strong, practical coders who have a background in a Computer Science or related technical degree.

We are interested in meeting individuals who have a proven ability to develop high quality software with experience of C#, Java, C++ or other mainstream modern programming languages. Ideal candidates should be able grasp core programming concepts, complex data structures, and appreciate good software architecture. We strongly encourage candidates from a non-financial background to apply.

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