So What Do We Do?


G-Research uses cutting-edge quantitative analysis and modelling to create software, simulations and forecasts for our clients of how financial markets and individual instruments within them will behave under different situations in the future.

We do not have a crystal ball or use any kind of mysticism. We do not yet have an AI that has achieved consciousness and unfathomed insight humans cannot comprehend. We do augment human intelligence with machine learning to combine large datasets with expert insight, with the mathematics of quantitative analysis and with decision engines designed to see the signal through the noise. Why? So that we can be ready for any change that may happen and build a model of how the world might react.


Out-of-the-box thinking – flexibility is key

We take a hard look at whatever data and technology we can get our hands on and work out how to combine it in the most effective way possible to achieve the results we seek. If technology doesn’t do what we want by design then we find a way to make it do it. If that means hammering the shiny new tech offerings from vendors until they melt into the server rack then swapping them out for the next generation utility service, or specialist hardware/software offering then that’s what we’ll do. Okay, apart from the melting bit: our data centres have pretty good cooling.

The whole effort is fed by structured and unstructured data coming from many sources relating to company performance, market performance, economic factors, human sentiment; anything that might impact future prices. And of course our insight is growing as the world markets duck, dive and pivot on each fluctuation. This all needs to be woven back into the research platform and the forecasting engines at its core.


Smash data together to create insight

You may have heard of the Large Hadron Collider operated by CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, in Switzerland that accelerates sub-atomic particles to relativistic speeds – speeds approaching that of light – so they can be smashed together to create high-energy interactions. This has led to the confirmation of the existence of various exotic particles previously only theorised by physicists as well as the discovery of new particles that change the way we understand the universe.

Our research platform takes large quantities of the data described above from many global sources, combines it with a rich set of advanced models generated by executing simulations and… yes: they smash them together to create insight about how economies, markets and businesses around the world interact to inform our clients’ decisions in real-time.

Models and simulations are continuously refined and added to, as are the public and private datasets, which evolve and grow in size and richness of information content.


Find and fully exploit the latest cutting-edge technologies

G-Research are looking for new technologies that can be leveraged as part of a large-scale predictive research and analytics platform to deliver insight and learn from the past to predict the future. If you have such a technology, get in touch.


Written by Mark Burnett – Head of the Technology Innovation Group at G-Research.

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