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Software Engineering

“It feels like we are one big team working towards one goal”

I completed a BSc in Natural Sciences and then went on to do a major in Computer Science at the University of Birmingham. After University I worked for a large bank but quickly realised I was looking for a more exciting challenge and after speaking to a friend who worked at G-Research, I knew it would be the place for me. My favourite part of working for G-Research is the great working relationship we have with the people we write software for, so it feels like we’re working with them not for them. I also really enjoy the structure of my working day and the proportion of my time spent writing and designing my own code.


“There has not been a day that I haven’t learnt something new.”

I studied Oceanography at Southampton University as I had an interest in surfing and loved the sea. My dreams of finding a career working by the ocean changed during my degree as I found that I really enjoyed the mathematical and ocean computer modelling aspect of my degree. I have been at G-Research for four years, touching many technologies and understanding a complex in house architecture. There’s always a new challenge to get stuck into.


“The culture here is really relaxed, and there are so many different social events organised, from weekends away to monthly drinks.”

I completed a four-year Computer Networking course at the University of Hertfordshire. During my course I did a one-year placement as an IT technician at an Academy, who then offered me a full time role after I graduated. The technology we have at our disposal is second to none. Everything moves at such a fast pace, and there are always opportunities for us to train and develop ourselves. I love the people I work with, we are always collaborating with and challenging each other to improve.


“It’s an exciting place to work if you love technology.”

I’m a techie at heart. Whilst my role is now a managerial one, I can still be hands-on. I love getting to steer the direction in which the team and the infrastructure we manage is going and I have the autonomy and backing from the business to do so. We want to be the best at what we do and are always striving to adopt the latest technologies to achieve this.

Information Security

“The flat structure of the company has given me exposure to senior management that I would not have had anywhere else. “

I have a BSc in Computer Science and an MSc in Internet Computing and Network Security. I initially joined a large telecommunications company on their graduate scheme, but quickly realised that it wasn’t for me. The interview process with G-Research really sold the role to me as I was given a real insight what the role would be like. Training has also been at the forefront of my career here- I’m given the opportunity to attend many technical training and development courses. I have been here for almost three years and I can honestly say that the people here are what make G-Research such a good company to work for.

Information Security

“From day one, I’ve been exposed to a range of information security tools, providing me with valuable experience I might not have had elsewhere”

I completed my BSc in Mathematics at Royal Holloway then went to do a Masters in Information Security. I joined G-Research as an Information Security Administrator and after several months, I had the opportunity to move into the Information Access Management team as an analyst. From day one I’ve been exposed to a range of information security tools, providing me valuable experience that I might not have had elsewhere.
G-Research does a lot to make us feel valued as employees and provide plenty of events to build relationships with different teams, ranging from weekly running clubs to company organised weekends away.

Information Security

“If working in a fast-paced, high performance environment is of interest, then I can say with confidence that a role at G-Research will deliver.”

I studied Computer Science, specialising in Software Engineering at Kingston University, and went on to work as an Identity and Access Management specialist for a number of large multi-nationals.
The opportunity to work for a fast growing, dynamic company was too good to decline, so I joined G-Research in 2015. On joining G-Research the scale of the challenge ahead quickly became apparent, Information Security here is of utmost importance and is an area we are simply not willing to compromise.

Information Security

“Seeing how information security is used in a real-world setting really has brought the modules from my Forensic Computing degree to life”

My internship here has been such an interesting experience. I get to work with and learn from intelligent and experienced people who have gone out of their way to help make my time here fun and informative. I was pleasantly surprised at the social aspects of the company – there is always something being arranged by the company or the teams. I interviewed for a few internship roles with other companies, however I’m glad I made the decision to choose G-Research. I hope to return after I graduate in 2018.

Software Engineering

“With an emphasis on quality, a refreshing lack of politics and a wealth of interesting and hard problems, G-Research is an excellent place to be writing code.”

After studying Computer Science at Cambridge I worked with video and telephony tech at a couple of startups. I’m now the tech lead for a team whose mission is to  create cutting-edge tools, libraries and systems for our colleagues. I must say that after more than seven years at G-Research, the calibre of the people is still one of the best things about working here.

Software Engineering

“Above all, I love the technical excellence and the collaborative atmosphere of G-Research. That’s why I chose to come back as a full-time engineer.”

After completing a two-year technical degree in France, I obtained my MEng Computing in 2016 from Imperial College. As part of my degree, I was required to do an industrial placement. I had interviews with several companies, but G-Research really stood out. Every single person that I spoke to came across in a personable and intelligent way. This internship gave me the rich experience I was looking for as I learned a lot from working full stack and being given meaningful projects.

Software Engineering

“G-Research gives me ever changing, complex problems and a diverse environment to succeed in solving them.”

I completed a BEng in Computer Systems Engineering at the University of Warwick. Before joining G-Research, I was searching for a new programming language and problem paradigm and I knew I wanted to feel as though my work was making a difference. G-Research was the perfect place for me to do this because I have the ability to influence what I do here and I know I am listened to by my peers and those higher than me in the company. The inclusive culture of the company is clearly demonstrated by the fact that all members of staff, from every aspect of the business, are invited on the weekend away.

Quantitative Research & Machine Learning

“I moved to G-Research seeking a new challenge that would let me make full use of my machine learning experience. I have not been disappointed”.

After reading computer science at Cambridge, I completed a PhD on the topic of Gaussian processes. Since I joined G-Research, the discipline of machine learning has grown to become a foundational part of the company’s quantitative approach to investment. There are limitless opportunities here to apply innovative techniques to some uniquely difficult data sets.

Quantitative Research & Machine Learning 

 “G-Research has been a great move from academia.”

Prior to joining G-Research, I was a mathematician at Oxford, completing a PhD in 2011 and then working as a PostDoc. Finance appealed to me as a field where maths research could have a real and immediate impact. G-Research is genuinely a research-lead company that gives us cutting-edge tools and world class data to study some of the most interesting problems in the industry.

Quantitative Research & Machine Learning 

“I love collaborating with some of the smartest people I’ve ever met”.

I completed a Bachelors in Physics, a Masters in Theoretical Physics and a Masters in Mathematical Finance at The University of Bologna. I then went on to do a PHD in Computational Neuroscience at the University of Bologna, Imperial College London and the University of Southern California.  I really enjoy the fact that we are able to see the whole process after we start with a idea, conduct preliminary research and then test our ideas in the real world due to the strong infrastructure we have.

Quantitative Research & Machine Learning 

“You hit the ground running here, with the freedom to work on any idea you have”.

I studied Mathematics at Princeton University before obtaining a PhD in mathematics from the University of California, Berkeley. My main research area was probability theory, where I focused on eigenvalue distributions of certain discrete matrix groups. I chose G-Research because it provides researchers the best environment for developing new ideas and making significant contributions very quickly.

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