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Quantitative Research Posts


Poker and AI

Alessandro, a Quantitative Researcher at G-Research, discusses the impact Artificial Intelligence attempts to have on imperfect information games such as Poker.


Interested in Quantitative Research? Read a Quant’s story

Tom, a Quantitative Research Manager at G-Research discusses how he became a Quant.


G-Research: a career for PhDs and researchers in quantitative research and technology

King’s College London Graduate School gives their take on careers in Quantitative Research at G-Research




Software Engineering Posts


Squeezing More Out of the F# Type System – Introducing Crates

At G-Research, we make a lot of use of F# and we have various tricks to make the most of the language. One of the simplest and the most useful is an encoding of existential types that we call “crates”. This post introduces crates, provides some motivation and should put you in a position to recognise where they might be appropriate in your F# code base.


What to expect from a Quant Platform Software Engineering interview

The Quant Platform team, part of software engineering, develops and maintains the software at the very core of G-Research’s business. As G-Research continues to grow, our team is aiming to expand aggressively as well, and we’ve put a lot of work into getting our hiring process as efficient and pleasant as possible.

Kubernetes on Windows – Are we crazy?

At G-Research we’re experimenting with migrating our applications into containers, with Kubernetes as our choice of orchestrator.


2017 – Establishing New Foundations For Our Data Platform

Trying to build the best data platform for quantitative research and execution is no small task. Our goal is to make sure that research is not limited by data availability. We want to be at the state of the art, which is essential in a competitive industry like ours.


Quant finance vs Tech firms: The Data Challenge?

Most technology companies build their models on recent data. Recent data for those companies is vital: for instance a recommender system might only look at internet browsing history over the last year since you must optimize for recent behavior. This is the opposite for quant research.


Gaming vs Finance- Wildly different? Or more similar than you think?

To many gaming developers, a move to “finance” is a trade of creativity and work-life balance for financial gain. You may earn more than the games industry, but you’ll get worked much harder.



Information Security Posts

My Information Security Internship at G-Research

When selecting my degree I, like many other students, was mindful of how increasingly competitive the job market is becoming and how vital it would be to stand out. With this in mind, I opted to do an internship as a part of my degree.

 A Bad Day At The Office 

In the Security Division (and at G-Research in general), we like to bring in skilled individuals at any point in their careers, and are we’re very enthusiastic about partnering with universities.  So after some University Open Day visits, including presentations by one of our current interns, we found ourselves with 324 intern applications, which was quite a lot more than we were expecting.

Information Security at G-Research – Why & How I got Here

Read how one of our Information Security placement students ended up in his role here at G-Research.

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