Meet our Leadership Team

Christoph Bergemann – Head of Quantitative Research

Christoph Bergemann has been with G-Research since 2007, a partner since 2009, and currently serves as Head of Quantitative Research. He joined the company after a distinguished career in academic research in condensed matter physics, most recently as a Royal Society Research Fellow at the Cavendish Laboratory and Fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge.

After studying in Hamburg and Cambridge, Christoph received his PhD from the University of Cambridge in 1999 and has held postdoctoral positions at Cambridge and ETH Zurich. He is a winner of a Silver Medal at the 1992 International Mathematical Olympiad.

Jennifer Byrne – Chief Operating Officer

Jennifer Byrne is currently the Chief Operating Officer for G-Research. A leader with wide-ranging engineering and technology experience, Jennifer leads organisations that specialise in the design, development, production and deployment of complex systems. Prior to joining G-Research, Jennifer held a number of key executive positions at Lockheed Martin in her 24 years with the firm, serving finally as Program Management Vice President for the company’s Global Positioning System satellite business.

Jennifer graduated from the University of Dallas with a BSc in Biochemistry and a BSc in Mathematics. She earned a MSc in Electrical Engineering from Temple University, and a PhD in Engineering from George Washington University.

Chris Goddard – Chief Technology Officer

Chris Goddard has been with G-Research since 2003 where he joined as Head of Systems. He has been a partner since 2009, and currently serves as Chief Technology Officer, having held a number of roles as the company has grown from 35 or so people when he joined.

Chris has a wealth of experience in the quant hedge fund sector, and also spent time working for a start-up platform business in the commercial insurance sector. He graduated from Cambridge University with a Computer Science degree; a natural progression after teenage years spent programming.

Andy Mountford – Head of Trading Platform Services

Andy Mountford, currently serving as Head of Trading Platform Services, has been with G-Research since 2004 and became partner in 2017. Andy holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Leeds and has over two decades of experience in trading systems, witnessing the progression of technology from traditional trading floors through to the sophisticated systematic trading platforms of today.

Andy secured a graduate role at Reuters before joining G-Research as a Systems Engineer. During his time with the company, Andy has held a number of roles contributing to the successful evolution of G-Research.

Paul Voccio – Head of Engineering

Paul Voccio joined G-Research in 2017 and is currently Head of Engineering. Having started his career in Atlanta, Georgia, working for various entrepreneurial startups, Paul joined Rackspace Hosting in San Antonio, Texas and worked automating infrastructure, finally leading their public cloud business as Vice President of Development.

Paul graduated from Georgia State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Computer Information Systems. He earned a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Computer Security from the University of Texas, San Antonio.